Arabic Lanugage    Al-Lisan Ul Arabi

Arabic Language to Understand Translation of Quran-e-Pak  Memorize only 4 words a day (in writing)

Arabic Grammar Fundamentals  Urdu Version

Dutch Language Supporting Material

French Language (Reference Material)

1000 Common Words of French
Handbook to Speak French
A1 to C1 Complete Course Outlines
French Phrase Book (New Edition)
French English Bilingual Visual Dictionary (Complete Version)
French visual phrasebook
Modern French Phrase Book

German Language Set Number 01

All about Deutsch A1 Sample Letters
Deutsch German Language for Beginners
Fluechtlingshilfe Deutschheft in Urdu – Recommended by the Immigration Dept. of the German Embassy
Fundamentals of German Grammar
German Letters Samples
Letter Writing Samples by Goethe Institute
Visual Phrase Book German (Travel Guide)

German Language Set Number 02

Text Book Spektrum Deutsch A1 with Audio
Text Book Spektrum Deutsch A2 with Audio
Goethe Sample Test Sheets
A1 Word List by Goethe Institute
A2 Word List by Goethe Institute
B1 Word List by Goethe Institute

German Language Set Number 03

Text Book Lagune A1, A2 & B1 with Audio

German Language International Edition Books – Not available in Pakistan 32 GB Material

Downloadable at High-Speed Wifi, not on Mobile Data



Learn Greek Language

FSI Greek Basic Course for Students
Greek Alphabet made easy
Easy Greek Course
Teach Yourself Complete Greek


Italian Language (reference material)

Learn Italian 15 Minutes a Day by DK
Beginners Italian Course Book
Italian English Bilingual Visual Dictionary (Complete Version)
Italian Pharase Book 2nd Month
Learn to speak Italian 1001 Common Phrases for Beginners
Modern Italian Grammar

Japanese Language 

JLPT N5 Japanese Language Proficiency Test Official Book with Audio
Learn Japanese through Dialogues
Course Outlines JLPT N5
Skills required in Japan
Japanese English Bilingual Visual Dictionary DK (Complete Edition)
Japanese Books for Reading (Urdu Version)
JLCT Exam Pattern
MarugotoStarter A1 Japanese Workbook
Japanese Scholarship Question and Answers

Korean Language

EPS TOPIK Audio Files
Korean Alphabet Worksheet
500 Basic Korean Verbs
Hangeul Master
KLT 14 Reviewer
Korean Beginners Guide
Korean Phrase Book
Korean Tools
Learn to Read Korean in 1 Day
Talk to me in Korean

Romanian Language – reference material

Introduction to Romanian
Self Study Guide to Romanian
Romanian Language Lessons with Audio
Romanian to English Wordlist
Teach Yourself Romanian
Stand Alone Romanian

Russian Language 

Russian Course Book (offered to Pakistani students by Universities)
Russian Fast Course
Russian Phrase Book (short)
Easy Russian Phrase Book 1500 Common Phrases
Russain Imperatives
Russian Grammar for Beginners
Russian Grammar Tables

Turkish Language

Turkish Course Books
Çalışma Kitabı – A1 to C1 (C2 teacher is not available)
Ders Kitabı A1 to C1
Fundamentals of Turkish Language EBRU Turkce
Turkce Okuyorum