These courses are offered OFFLine, a Complete set of video lectures with resources, WhatsApp course Number at 0316-9575318 to confirm availability. 


S.No Course Course Fee
1 Blogging Paid Full Course in Urdu Rs.2000
2 Adstera loading Method  Rs.2000
3 Virtual assistant course Rs.2000
4 Shopify dropshipping Complet Course Rs.2000
5 WordPress Complete Course Rs.2000
6 SEO Complete Course Rs.2000
7 Video Editing Complete Course Rs.2000
8 ios App Development Rs.2000
9 google Ads Rs.2000
10 Email Marketing Rs.2000
11 Daraz Sellers  Rs.2000
12 Content Writing Rs.2000
13 Android App Development Rs.2000
14 Facebook Ads Rs.2000
15 Amazon Affiliate Marketing Rs.2000
16 3d Animation Rs.2000
17 Ebay Rs.2000
18 Instagram Marketing Rs.2000
19 Youtube Marketing Rs.2000
20 Graphic Designing V Course:  Rs.2000
21 Full Blogging Course Rs.2000
23 Ethical Hacking Paid Course Rs.2000
24 Want to learn python language but you can’t have a PC (Full Course) Rs.2000
25 Top E-Books Collection Rs.2000
26 BUG BOUNTY COURSE 2023 Rs.2000
27 ERC (Ethical Hacking Reverse Enginerring & Cracking) Course By Dedsec Rs.2000
28 Basic Utilities Tools Rs.2000
29 Bots – Traffic – Automatic Tools Rs.2000
30 Checkers PACK Rs.2000
31 Combo Editors & Makers PACK Rs.2000
32 Crypters & Binders Rs.2000
33 Crypto Bots – Utilities – Btc TOOLS Rs.2000
34 DDOS – DDOSER Tools Rs.2000
35 Discord Tools PACK Rs.2000
36 Dorkers Premium Rs.2000
38 Generators PACK Rs.2000
39 Hacking Softwares Support Pack for EHC course Rs.2000
40 Instagram Tools PACK Rs.2000
41 Keyloggers PACK Rs.2000
42 Leechers PACK Rs.2000
43 Malware – Worms Stealers Rs.2000
44 Netflix Tools PACK Rs.2000
45 OpenBullet COLLECTION Rs.2000
46 Proxy Tools and Grabbers Rs.2000
47 RATS PACK Rs.2000
48 Remote Hacking Tools PACK Rs.2000
49 SEO Tools Utilities Rs.2000
50 Spotify Tools PACK Rs.2000
51 Website Hacking Course Rs.2000
52 The Python Mega Course Bild 10 Real World Application Rs.2000
53 Termux hacking Course Rs.2000
54 Typographic and Caligraphy Rs.2000
55 T-Shirt Design Master Class Rs.2000
56 Complate Fornt-end Web Develper course Rs.2000
57 Complate Bitcoin Course Rs.2000
58 Camtasia 9 Complate Video Editing COurse Rs.2000
59 Complate Android Developer Course Build In 14Apps Rs.2000
60 Complate Web Developer Bootcamp Rs.2000
61 Best Software Testing Training You Will Ever Get Rs.2000
62 Youtube Marketing, Filmora, Video Editing, Youtube Channel Growth, Youtube Marketing Rs.2000
63 Pinterest Marketing A-Z Beginner’s Pinterest Blueprint  Rs.2000
64 Rapid Website Design with Bootstrap Rs.2000
65 Sell Website In Flippa + FREE Software  Rs.2000
66 SEO Basics Tips for Ranking Better  Rs.2000
67 Shopify Drop Ship Mastery Rs.2000
68 Shopify Tyrant How To Start An Ecommerce Biz From Scratch  Rs.2000
69 The art Of Real Ios Programming  Rs.2000
70 The Complete Ethical Hacking Course Beginner to Advanced  Rs.2000
71 The Complete Ethical Hacking Course v2 Rs.2000
72 The Platform’s Biggest & Most Popular Photoshop Course Rs.2000
73 Unity 3D Course No Coding, Build & Market Video Games Fast Unity 3D Course No Coding, Build & Market Video Games  Rs.2000
74 WordPress SEO – The Complete Yoast SEO Plugin Tutorial  Rs.2000
75 Latest NonDrop Watchtime Method Rs.2000
76 TikTok video ads Paid Course Rs.2000
77 Youtube Stable Watchtime Method Rs.2000
78 Android App Development Rs.2000
79 Tiktok Viral Trick Rs.2000
80 YouTube copyright bypass tool Rs.2000
81 Web Designing Course  Rs.2000
82 Azure 10 Rdps Paid Course Rs.2000